Digital Twin Management

The Digital Twin SDK offers a suite of management tools designed for versatility and efficiency. Users can effortlessly read and modify properties of a Digital Twin, ensuring real-time accuracy and synchronization with its physical counterpart. Additionally, the SDK boasts a powerful querying mechanism, enabling swift location of specific Digital Twins based on their attributes, streamlining the handling of vast digital ecosystems. To maintain a clean and current environment, the SDK also facilitates easy deletion of outdated or redundant Digital Twins, ensuring a streamlined, organized digital representation that aligns with real-world changes.

Read and update Digital Twin properties

Effective management of Digital Twins necessitates the flexibility to both access and modify their properties. With the SDK, users can seamlessly read any given property of a Digital Twin, ensuring they are always informed about the current state and attributes of the digital entity. Moreover, as real-world conditions change and evolve, it’s imperative for the digital representation to keep pace. The SDK facilitates easy updates to the properties of a Digital Twin, ensuring they remain a true reflection of their physical counterparts. This dynamic ability to read and update ensures that the Digital Twins are always current, relevant, and in sync with reality.

Query Digital Twins based on attributes

Efficiency in managing large-scale digital ecosystems comes from the ability to swiftly locate specific entities based on their characteristics. The SDK provides a robust querying mechanism that allows users to filter and find Digital Twins based on a variety of attributes. Whether you’re searching for all Digital Twins with a specific property value or those that meet a particular criteria, the SDK’s querying capabilities make it a breeze. This not only streamlines the management process but also empowers users to derive insights, make informed decisions, and optimize their digital ecosystem.

Delete Digital Twins

As systems evolve, there may be instances where certain Digital Twins are no longer required or are obsolete. The SDK ensures that maintaining a clean and relevant digital environment is straightforward by providing a simple yet effective mechanism to delete Digital Twins. This feature ensures that users can easily retire and remove outdated or unnecessary digital replicas, keeping the digital ecosystem lean and relevant. With the SDK’s deletion capability, users can maintain an organized, clutter-free environment that mirrors the changing dynamics of the real world.